Sam’s Exit Blog

It truly is incredible how fast time flys when you’re having fun. It feels like yesterday when I attended my first District Conference. DECA has influenced my life, and career decisions.  It gave me the opportunity to network among other ambitious future leaders, and the chance to find my potential. This past year has been more impactful than any other school related experience. My Officer Team has showed me first hand what a couple of clever minds can put together. All of the good laughs and smiles with my Team will remain to be some of my fondest memories.  I want to take the time to thank Jackie and the rest of Minnesota DECA for organizing a program of such integrity. Secondly, I’d like to thank Dan, Teej, Julia, Vanessa and Val for all of the time they spent creating such a fun experience for not only myself, but the rest of Minnesota’s delegates. Vote for Teej!