Vanessa’s Exit Blog

“What is DECA?” Haven’t we all been asked that before?  Minnesota DECA helped to give me the best answer to this question.  Through a multitude of experiences and people, I have had the adventure of a lifetime.  From day one, I found being Vice President of Communication was serving in a different way each day.  A year flew by, and in retrospect, I have learned more and gained more memories from serving this State Association than I ever dreamed.  Thank each and every one of you for Aspiring Higher with me.


DECA members, advisors, staff and officers want more, they do more, and they strive to be more.  You all make me so proud!  I often make the comment that anyone who gives 110% has not worn a blazer – we go for 111%!  I saw this 111% in the biggest project I worked on throughout the year: The Movement.  The incredible ideas and innovative minds I came across while heading up this project was astounding.  I would like to thank anybody who helped make Minnesota DECA’s goals happen this year.


DECA is about the students.  Thank you to those of you who make this true.  Thank you to my advisor, Sonja Weiler who started as an Introduction to Marketing teacher and ended up being a good friend who I greatly respect.  I am forever grateful to the chapter, and my hometown Officer Team, who supported me from the beginning.  Many thank you’s to the Minnesota DECA staff and all the “behind the scenes” people – your job is thankless but your talents are endless.  To Jackie Schiller – you are so fabulous.  Thank you for sharing so many memories and being our DECA Mom!  Most importantly, to the Minnesota DECA delegation:  thank you for electing me to serve you this year.  I hope I have made you as proud as you made me!


A special thank you goes to my fellow State Officers.  I know the journey would not have been the same with anyone different.  You are all are immensely talented and have many great things ahead of you.  All six of us continue to grow through DECA and I am excited to see where you will end up.  We have a team of unique strength.  We made an impact on Minnesota DECA, and I take a lot of pride in serving with, and being friends with such wonderful people.


DECA is value.  It is investment.  It is empowering.  It is experience.  It is today.  Anybody can lead you to the water of success, but no one can make you drink it.  Choose your future and take control of it.  Give it 111%. Thank you Minnesota DECA!



Vanessa Panchyshyn

Vice President of Communication

Minnesota DECA