School-based Enterpri$e$ – Julia’s June blog

My school’s store, the Cardinal Image, decorated for the holiday season.

One important goal of DECA is connecting to business through school-based enterprises.  Throughout the state of Minnesota, many DECA members take their marketing experience to the next level by managing and operating their school stores.  I, personally, have been blessed by managing my school’s store, the Cardinal Image.  In our store, we sell apparel and spirit items as well as healthy food and beverage items.  As a manager of our store, I manage teams of students to make sure that the store is adequately stocked, organized, and promoted.  While many high school student go to their jobs and are told what to do, I have management-level experience.  Students who participate in operating school-based enterprises get to design or select their own merchandise.  Managing our school-based enterprise was an experience that truly changed my life.  It is experiences such as these that DECA loves to support.  Visit the school-based enterprise portion of DECA’s website ( to see how DECA will support your school’s establishment.   Click on the link to learn more about SBE training and certification!

~ Julia Wittrock is the Vice President of Business and Industry at Minnesota DECA, an organization of marketing students.