DECA Memories- Dan’s May Blog Entry

As a senior, I frequently reminisce about the last four years – the greatest of my lief.  I have been so fortunate to meet such amazing people, be involved in extraordinary organizations, and make unforgettable memories.

My experience in DECA has been amazing.  I’ve had so many phenomenal experiences and made some pretty great memories.  My favorite memory occurred at the 2010 State Career Development Conference.  It was my first year in DECA and did not know what to expect at the SCDC.  Everyone seemed so enthusiastic and eager to spend the next two days in downtown Minneapolis.  My favorite memory from this conference was the Redbull Social.  I walked into the ballroom and I was so amazed at the energy that filled the room.  People really seemed excited to be there!  The music was great, the conversations were memorable, and the people I met made an impact on me.  After attending such an unforgettable event, I knew that I was a part of a truly remarkable organization.

It’s memories like these that create an organization like DECA.  Each one of us has reasons for why we joined, and memories for why we continued.  I want to know, Minnesota DECA, what your memories are, so please share!  By sharing your memories, you are helping to strengthen DECA and make it possible for future members to make extraordinary memories too.

Dan Drill-Mellum is President of Minnesota DECA, an organization of