People of DECA- Val’s May Blog

As I ponder my imminent high school graduation, I can’t help but smile! The past four years of my life have been filled with so many magical memories. After reflecting on my past, I begin to take in the present. I begin to think of all of the people whom I have a strong relationship with. Suddenly a realization startles me. So many of my current relationships are in existence all because of my involvement with DECA! I will prove this…

Kaitlyn Tierney, my best friend

During the beginning of high school Kaitlyn and I were never the greatest of friends. I knew her name, I had been to her house a few times – that was all.  In my sophomore year we decided to do a DECA Community Service Project together. Since then we earned our place at the International Career Development Conference 3 years in a row! Talk about a strong friendship!

Mr. Simonson, Mrs. Lolich, Mr. Lee, my DECA advisors

Before joining DECA I was incomplete. I used to walk through the business hall of my high school without taking a moment to consider what it stood for. I now consider this place to be my home. I have spent countless hours in this hall whether it be working on DECA or having a deep conversation with Mrs. Simonson or Mrs. Lolich. They are so much more than DECA Advisors and business teachers- they are my friends.

The State Action Team- My DECA family

Jackie Schiller, my DECA mom

Though I’ve only known these wonderful people since Fall Leadership 2011, my life has changed because of them. Throughout the MN DECA State Conference, we grew so close. Those late night Dominoes Artisan Pizzas, those early morning coffee extravaganzas, not to mention my desperate need of tea and lemons… It’s safe to say that we had a fabulous time! I now have friends from northern Minnesota! I now know what it is like behind the scenes of the DECA world. I am so grateful to be a part of this family.

In naming a few- the evidence is all here! I am confident that DECA has brought people into your life that otherwise would not be there. I encourage you to continue networking with DECA members and to never forget the positive people involved with this organization. Who knows; maybe even you will find your future best friend!

~Val Schoenecker is the Vice President of Public Relations at Minnesota DECA, an association of marketing students.