Diamonds are Forever – Julia’s May Blog

I once saw this picture as a Meme on Facebook with the caption “Diamonds are Forever.”  After laughing for a bit, I thought of how I would need to share it with all of my DECA friends so they could enjoy the corny  joke as well.  But, after thinking a bit longer, I realized that there was actually something deeper to be gleaned from the photo: although DECA is a very dynamic and progressive organization, it has been well established under principals that have remained the same for over 60 years.

Over these many years, DECA has affected the lives of more than ten million students.  Wow!   Many of these members knew the organization as “Distributive Education Clubs of America,”  a name which I wonder if half the DECA members today could rattle off.  As many of us are about to graduate from high school, we are leaving an organization that we know will continue to grow and change in our absence.  We might look back in 50 years and laugh about the antiquity of what is today the DECA diamond.

I hope that as many of us transition from DECA members into DECA alumni, we are able to continue to support the DECA organization we have worked long and hard to build.  I hope that we always remember our fun DECA times and try to provide others with the opportunities that we had by serving as mentors, judges, and assistants.  I hope that we always represent DECA with pride, even if there comes a day when we can’t recognize the diamond anymore.

~Julia Wittrock is the Vice President of Business and Industry at Minnesota DECA, an organization of marketing students.