ICDC Tips- Dan’s April Blog

Hey Minnesota DECA!

I am writing to those who qualified for the 2012 ICDC in Salt Lake City, Utah!  I am so excited to connect with the Minnesota DECA members I have already met and have the opportunity to meet any of you who I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with yet.  This year, Minnesota DECA is going to the Salt Lake City Bees Baseball game, so be sure to join!  This will be a great chance to meet up with the friends you made this year from other schools.   Also, the critically acclaimed Eli Young Band will be performing, and I know I will be there to get my groove on!

Keeping in mind that we will be in Salt Lake City to compete, here are a few competition tips to help you prepare yourself:

1.  First Impressions – Start off your presentation with a firm handshake and say your name clearly.  Be sure to smile, first impressions are important.

2.  Speak with enthusiasm!  Be excited about what you are talking about.  The more excited you are about the information you’re presenting, the more interested the judge is going to be.

3.  Always keep rolling – The judge doesn’t know what you are planning on saying, so if you mess up or forget to say something, just keep talking as if nothing happened.

4.  Study practice tests – The ICDC is very competitive, so if you would like to do well at this level, your test skills need to be sharp!

5.  Be memorable – The judges see dozens of presentations a day, so it is important to make a significant impression in any way.  When ranking presentations, judges will put through those people that are memorable.

Hope this helped and be sure to say hi in Salt Lake City!

~Dan Drill-Mellum is the President of Minnesota DECA, an organization of marketing students.