DECA Mentors- Julia’s April Blog

Have you ever wondered what business people actually do? As I pursue a career in business, sometimes I wonder what that actually means. I dared to guess that many other DECA members might have a similiar predicament – wanting to pursue a career in business, but not knowing what this really means or how to achieve it. It was for this reason that our state action team created the program DECAmentors: a way for Minnesota DECA members to connect with business professionals. If you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior in DECA, you’ll be able to participate in this program next year. Chapters and their advisors will be deciding this spring if they are interested in joining the program. (If you already know you are interested, shoot me an e-mail at This summer, your state action team will be meeting with businesses around Minnesota to find suitable mentors for your chapter. Stay tuned!


Julia Wittrock is the Vice President of Business and Industry at Minnesota DECA.