CRLC- Val’s April Blog

On December 2-4, 2011 the Central Region Leadership Conference in Omaha, Nebraska took place. This conference was extremely entertaining! During the first portion of the opening ceremony, TJ Lind and Val Schoenecker got to wave the Minnesota flag across the stage during the Parade of States showcase. That same night there was a DECA dance which was, of course, very enjoyable. At the dance, a live band played music from many different eras, making it fun for the advisors as well as the DECA members. Val Schoenecker and some of her friends from Proctor high school even made it on stage! The band had them play the tambourine and a few other instruments. It was so fun to have seen Minnesota DECA represented during the conference in such a vibrant way. The following day, Val and TJ attended a session for State Officers taught by Tyler Gassaway, a previous State Officer. This session was extremely helpful in getting Val and TJ conscious about their goals for the2011-2012 MN State Action Team. This session also allowed Val and TJ to get to know a few of the other State Officers, specifically those from Michigan. During the conference, there were many helpful sessions geared towards specific competitive events and interests. For example, for those competing in the Community Service Project, there was a session aimed directly toward helping DECA members understand the logistics of the event, how they can prepare, what to expect, and how to be most successful. These sessions provide a keen insight to the ins and outs of competition. The Central Regions Leadership Conference is unlike any other. Every year it continues to give DECA members a competitive edge along with the opportunity to network with members from all over the Midwest! After attending the conference multiple years, your Minnesota DECA State Action Team strongly encourages you to attend CRLC 2012 which will take place in Ann Harbor, Michigan! There is no doubt; you will have the time of your life! *The link below will take you to a recap of CRLC 2011, created by your Central Region VP, Micah Melling.


Val Schonecker is the Vice President of Public Relations at Minnesota DECA.